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Conversion factor table

Conversion factor table

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1 kilometer (km) = meters (m). 1 meter (m) = centimeter (cm). 1 centimeter (cm) = m. 1 millimeter (mm) = m. 1 micron (μ) = m. 1 millimicron. UNITS AND CONVERSION FACTORS. Table of Contents. Section. Page. References. 3. I. Decimal Multiples and Submultiples. 4. II. Description of Units. The conversion factor table is used to convert measurements from one system of units to another system of units.

Conversion factors. A conversion factor is used to change the units of a measured quantity without changing its value. The unity bracket method of unit conversion consists of a fraction in which the denominator is equal to the numerator, but they are in different units. LENGTH CONVERSION TABLE. This is an online length conversion table which provides conversion factors between various commonly used units of length measurement. It consists of following common length units: millimeter (mm), centimeter (cm), meter (m), kilometer (km), inch (in), feet/foot (ft), yard (yd) and mile. APPROXIMATE CONVERSIONS TO SI UNITS, APPROXIMATE CONVERSIONS FROM SI UNITS. Symbol, When You Know, Multiply By, To Find, Symbol, When.

These conversion tables are provided for your reference. Units Conversion Tables. Table 1. Multiples and Submultiples of SI Units Multiplying Factor exa. E. Table 1 presents the conversion multiplication factors to convert from English units to SI units (and vice versa) for basic measurements including length, weight, . 6 Jun Conversion Factors Table. The following table contains unit conversions and a formula to follow in order to successfully convert. Simply follow. Annex 4 Table of conversion factors for metric and english units. This water- quantity equivalents and conversion factor list is for those interested in converting . In this section, fps units are listed and conversion factors relevant to heat and mass and Table 2 lists factors for converting fps units to SI units and vice-versa.

Below are instructions for converting factors, including changing acres to hectares, Btu/hour to horsepower, centimeters to inches, degrees to radians, feet to. Converting to SI units, Area is often expressed in acres, square miles, square feet , hectares, or square kilometers. Energy is often measured in calories. CONVERSION FACTORS. Fig. Graphic Relationships of SI Units with Names Table SI Base and Supplementary Quantities and Units. After finishing this lesson, you will be able to define and describe conversion It is easy to look up common conversion factors though, too, in a table like this.


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